Get Admission

The interested, suffering chemically dependent person who voluntarily seeks admission could be admitted between 8:00a.m and 4:00p.m, on any day of the week provided he/she meets the following requirements.


  • He/ She voluntarily desires to abstain completely from alcohol, cannabis, heroin, khat, and or any other mood-altering drug - This makes the beginning of individual commitment
  • He/ She accepts to undergo treatment for the set periods of at least 3 months alcoholic and at least 6 months for the drug addicts without and break.
  • He/ She accepts to adhere to our set norms and procedures and enters the agreement in writing
  • He/ She brings enough clothes, shoes, towel, toothpaste, shoe polish, soap. mosquito net, writing material and other personal effects. Pocket money for the replacement of the personal effects has to be kept in the center's office.
  • He/ She is accompanied with at least an immediate family member who agrees to support that treatment process and enters that in writing
  • There are no visits for the first 30 days counting from the day of admission. Visits are strictly after every two weeks thereafter.
Note: The management reserves the right to alter the fees. For more information, please contact us on the address provided

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For treatment & rehabilitation

You will pay KShs. 60,000 @ per month which translate to Kes180,000 for three months.

Other Financial Obligations

Pocket money KShs. 2,000 Utmost.

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